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Borneo Bulletin

CNN Asia

US-China trade battle: Catch up here
Apr 11, 2018 |

How New York ignited a global High Line craze
Aug 10, 2017 | The creators of the New York High Line are, in many ways, the Steve Jobs of the urban planning world.

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BBC Asia

US-China trade: Xi warns against 'Cold War mentality'
Apr 11, 2018 | Xi Jinping vows to open up parts of the country's economy amid US trade row but is low on specifics.

Chinese investment in the US falls sharply in 2017
Apr 11, 2018 | Trend driven by tensions between the two nations as well as China's curbs on money leaving the country.

Trump orders review of China's trade practices
Aug 15, 2017 | The president asks the top US trade official to review China's approach to intellectual property.

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Channel News Asia

Northern China ozone pollution getting worse - study
Apr 11, 2018 | SHANGHAI: Concentrations of hazardous ground-level ozone have worsened in northern China despite country-wide efforts to tackle air pollution, according to a study published by Peking University on Tuesday. Stringent winter restrictions on industry, transportation and coal consumption enabled smog ...

Trump praises Xi's 'kind words' in fresh sign of trade detente
Apr 11, 2018 | WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump on Tuesday (Apr 10) praised the "kind words" from Chinese leader Xi Jinping and pledged "great progress" in the looming trade dispute between the world's largest economies. Still, the White House also admonished China to take concrete action on US complaints ...

Kiev says engine type 'used in North Korea missiles' made for Russia
Aug 15, 2017 | KIEV: Ukraine's space agency said on Tuesday (Aug 15) that an engine type reportedly used in North Korean missiles was made at a Ukrainian factory, but solely for use in space rockets supplied to Russia. The development came after an expert report published on Monday said Pyongyang's recent rapid ...

Minister resigns over massive Taiwan blackout: Reports
Aug 15, 2017 | SINGAPORE: Taiwan's Economic Affairs Minister Lee Chih-kung resigned after a malfunction at the island's largest natural gas plant on Tuesday (Aug 15) caused a massive blackout that affected millions of households amid a heatwave.  Lee will submit his formal resignation on Wednesday, said a ...

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THAILAND: Could A ‘Cleaner’ Fishing Industry Set New Norms?

From Child Sexual Abuse to Women’s Pen Power

Q & A: Doing Sex Work Doesn’t Erase One’s Rights

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