To give you a brief introduction, Joombah Jobs is a Joomla! 3.x component that will enable you to create your own "Job Site" and give you the options of earning from it. It provides all the necessary features that you need to run and operate a full featured job site.

Joombah is easy to install and configure, and just in case you start wondering off, we have our easy to use GUIDES to help you get started with JoomBah. Don't worry you don't need to be a rocket scientist to get it up and running.

The Subscription packages (Plans) is the profit center of the Joombah Jobs component, this allows the component to provide you an option of earning from potential clients on your jobsite.

[SITE] -> Components -> JoomBah Jobs -> Subscriptions -> Click on the plansbutton in the Subscription Manager page

Searching for Jobs on Joombah is quick and easy, simply specify your "Keyword" and voila, it displays all the related jobs that meets your keyword.

As an option Joombah Jobs also has an "Advanced Search Feature" option that lets you improve and provide specific filter settings for your search.

 You can view an example of the search via our demo page at


Communication between the employer and applicant is important, which is why Joombah jobs comes with it's own built-in messaging system that let's employers and jobseekers exchange messages from within the component, at the same time it also features an external email alert so that you are updated even if you're not logged on to the jobsite.

Manage all aspects of your jobsite from one place, the admin control panel lets you manage, control, and customize settings that affect the overall feature of your jobsite. 
Control data with a click of a mouse, create and update directly from the back-end.